Project Management


Each year millions of graduates enter the job market, and some get into businesses. Most graduates find that competition for jobs and business start up is very high, with only those with work experience being given first preference. Most universities and colleges do not provide work experience opportunities for their graduates. The result is unemployment.

The Loveworld Graduate School (LGS) has added a Project Management Professionals department whose objective is to provide training, mentoring, certification and practical work experience working on live projects. The targeted groups are those who would like to pursue careers in Project Management, Business Analysis and Software Testing in any industry and any country in the world.

1. To provide participants with an understanding of projects and project management nature.
2. To equip participants with the practical tools and techniques to plan, deliver and monitor a project.

1. You will be job ready in 90 days depending on background and work experience.
2. Lifetime access to 6 weeks online training with weekly coaching, Q & A and recap sessions.
3. Ongoing group mentoring and coaching via webinar and members only pages
4. 12 weeks online work experience working on real life IT and non-IT projects in project teams, assuming project roles.
5. Job search preparation through CV and interview skill coaching.
6. References when you ace the interview and have done the work.
7. Certification by 104pm after writing online exams or any certification body at an extra cost.
8. Free certificate of completion.

1. 6 weeks Online Training with weekly coaching, Recap, Q&A , Certificate Of Completion, job search, interview skills & CV writing coaching.
2. 12 week online work experience ;working on real life projects with coaching, certificate of completion, job search, interview skills & CV writing coaching. With special scholarship opportunities for registered members of the Loveworld Graduate Network.

Should you wish to apply to enrol for this course , our fees are affordable . Our PMP course has an enrolment fee of;
* $150 for the 6weeks training,
* $347 for the 12weeks work experience and mentoring program.

To qualify for scholarship, you need to meet the criteria;
* Be a graduate from a Loveworld Campus in the past 7 years,
* Be a financially registered member of Loveworld Graduate Network by paying an annual token of $15.
Those who meet up with this qualifications enjoy several benefits as well. This includes;
- Discounts and Scholarship opportunities in our courses,
- free access to our web tv station for a year,
- Loveworld Graduate Network lapel pin,amongst other things.

The Loveworld Graduate Network Bursary funding programme offers a contribution of upto 80% towards your enrolment fee if you are self-funding and a financially registered member of the Loveworld Graduate Network, making the PMP course fee $35 for the 6weeks online training and $175 for the 12 weeks work experience and mentoring.

The Loveworld Graduate Networks Bursary funding programme was launched in February 2019 to help graduates who require some financial assistance without incurring a debt.
Loveworld Graduate Network is committed to helping members fulfill their vision and purpose in Christ.

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