Passionate, Vibrant & Positively-Contagious are a few words to describe Doyin-Dennis 'PDD' Oshideko. He is a Pastor, Personal Performance Coach, Song Writer, TV Producer, TV Host, an Actor, member of a Music Band, Audio Engineer & a Project Manager. These are the many colours of his beautiful coat & he is open to adding more colours.

Doyin-Dennis ventured into people development very early in life; from the age of 15, and for almost three decades, he has been actively involved in making lives better. Always on a continuous quest to transform lives.

What I do?

Here are some of my expertise

career coaching and development

I've partnered with top Consultants in Nigeria and Africa to coach and develop young minds with thought-provoking and creative processes that inspired them to maximize their personal and professional potentials. Grooming and mining them to bring out and utilize the best of these potentials.

sound engineer

Doyin-Dennis read Physics, which gave him an inclination to the technicalities of sound coupled with the fact that he has always been particular about sound. He did some major further studies on sound which resulted to him taking a liking to building speakers and working in various platforms as a sound engineer.

rennaissence: founder

Yes, he is also the one of the founders and a member of a band by name Renaissance. They produce a genre of music called "Ruah" (ruah is translated Spirit in Hebrew) and we have produced 8 songs and released 4 of them. He is a songwriter and a Recorder player, he plays the clarinet too. The band has her own studio and record label and they write, sing and produce all their songs

lgn director

Loveworld Graduate Network (LGN) is a vital and vibrant arm of the Christ Embassy Church Ministry (Loveworld Inc.) that focuses on building elite performers and global influencers for the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Doyin-Dennis currently is the Director of the Loveworld Graduate Network, It is a network that offers value to it’s members by exposing them to career and entrepreneurial opportunities within their professional work fields across the globe.

tv producer

I'm also a TV Producer. I'm currently the Executive Producer of the TV channel called GNTV , an edutainment web television, A wholesome Christian TV channel. we are taking the gospel to the ends of the earth through our various programs and initiatives.


I've always loved acting and wanted to be a part of a movie since childhood. I've directed a few myself. Presley Edward University and Changed by a book. i have some movie projects I'm still working on and I look forward to winning an AMVC awards in the next couple of years and also an International Recognition too for my movies.



I was born and groomed in Lagos state. Where i had my basic primary and secondary school education

I graduated from the Lagos State University [LASU] about 25 years ago where I studied Physics. I won some special recognition awards from the school and the Student Union Government for outstanding service to the student body

I'm a trained Sound Engineer, Due to my love and passion for music. I studied on music production and on how to operate and repair basic sound equipment

I've also undergone some special courses on
- Project Managment
- Mentoring
- Career place Coaching and Development
and many others

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Work Experience

Director BLW Zone F  2009-2018

I was the Zonal Director of the BLW Zone F Directorate in the Bleivers Loveworld Campus ministry. I pastored over 15 Chapters across the zone, in the cities of Owerri , Umuiahia, Ishiagu and so on. Bringing the undiluted gospel of Jesus Christ to the students on Campus.

Pastoral Ministry 1997-till date

I've been a pastor in the Loveworld Nation (Christ Embassy) for over 20 years. Pastored so many fellowships and handled different projects in the ministry.

Currently I'm the Director of the Loveworld Graduate Network (LGN), a department that was set up by the Man of God, Rev Chris Oyahkilome Dsc. DD. to build the graduates of the Loveworld Nation to become elite performers and global influencers.

loveword Recource Academy 2017- 2018

The loveworld Resource Academy is where initiatives are birthed, developed and then released to make impact in the world. Young people from all works of life come under the tutelage of the trainers and coaches of the academy which i head of the team.

So far, we have the Dare to Care Initiative, Loveworld Youth Recource Centre and the Loveworld Academy. The results of this Initiatives has been mind blowing. thousands of lives have been transformed as a result of the academy.

Renaissance Founder 2017-till date

I love music, I always have. So I have my own band called Renaissance. We produce a genre called "ruah which translates spirit in Hebrew (tune of hope, rhythm of the spirit) and we've done eight songs so far and still counting.

Career Coaching 2007-till date

I am passionate about young people, their journey of success, their dreams and aspirations. i made up my mind many years ago to help build this generation to be vibrant, highly intellectual, self aware and successful. I love Coaching people, Helping them to realize things that they didn't know they could do and mentoring them till they've reached a world class standard, its been an amazing journey of impact

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